Paid Volunteerism

Topics: Volunteering, Volunteer, Non-profit organization Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Paid volunteerism:
Nowadays, some NGO’s started paying for volunteers.
The reasons behind this are:
* Due to difficult living situation, people insist on being paid for doing charity work. By doing this, people satisfy their humanitarian sense along with their monetary sense. Therefore, to encourage people to volunteer, organizations should pay to them small amount of money.

Support: Frederick Schwarz, senior counsel at Cravath, claimed, “An organization and a person are simply more committed to each other when the person is paid.”

* Sometimes volunteering may cause several inconveniences.
Support: Ratnakar Naik, a general practitioner argued about volunteering in clinical trials. Volunteers who take part in clinical trials suffer a degree of personal and physical inconvenience. Therefore, volunteers should be offered a substantial gratuity payment to compensate for that inconvenience. Attack:

* Whether the volunteerism is paid or unpaid, it will benefit the family and community, and help the person in boosting his or her social skills. * You have talked about one side of volunteerism which is doing simple volunteer work in the community such as planting a garden in your neighborhood, visiting a nursing home, or collecting school supplies to give them to kids who need them, but what about the volunteers who are ready to undergo several sufferings and pains? Should not they be paid to regain their lost energy? * The differences between employees and volunteers:

1- The entity that will receive services from volunteers is a non-profit organization 2- The activity is less than a full time occupation
3- The services offered freely and without pressure or coercion * The Volunteer Protection Act specifically protects a volunteer who: (1) performs services; (2) for a nonprofit organization or governmental entity; and (3) either (a) receives no compensation (although reasonable reimbursement for expenses incurred is allowed), or...
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