Pacific Migration and Transnationalism

Topics: New Zealand, Pacific Ocean, Polynesia Pages: 2 (1595 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Essay: Pac100
The Pacific Islands are depicted as slices of paradise, but a virtual slice of its people has been transplanted into foreign countries. The increasing rate of emigration out of the Islands is a result of push and pull factors that act as a catalyst, the stagnating social and economic environment in the Islands is one push factor that compels people to migrate to seek stability for their families. This essay will magnify the important reasons that Pacific Island people migrate, to seek economic (financial) and educational opportunities. As a result of the diaspora, the nature of change is evident in the life back in the Pacific. However, the mass migration of Pacific Islanders has inflicted consequences on the culture and identity, the development in families back in the islands but it has also affected themselves and the new societies they live in. Migration to overseas countries is significant in Pacific Island states primarily as a response to uneven economic conditions. Life in the Islands has become increasingly difficult that hindered some Pacific Island families. People are pressured to provide stability for their families but due to the stagnating economic environment in the Islands, this propelled them to a decision to emigrate. The higher rate of unemployment in the Islands provides some families with financial instability, this is a significant contributing push factor that prompted people to immigrate and seek opportunities in overseas countries. In Samoa the unemployment rate amongst its population is higher than ever with 19% from the 20-24 age groups. The disparities tend to be greatest among the younger age groups, which have highest unemployment rates.1 According to these statistics from the Samoan 2001 Census, it stipulates an assumption that the peaking rates of unemployment can contribute to people moving out of the Islands and are attracted by the abundance of employment opportunities in overseas countries like New Zealand,...
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