Pacific International Lines Market Share

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1- Service

What are different services that PIL offered to their customers?

1- PIL provides service to their customers, which was transporting cargo from shippers at containers to many different countries.

2-PIL company gives an advantage to their customers that to talk to them directly and ask about their shipments for loading and discharging at their containers and what are the operations that can be done from when shipper loading cargo and then discharging until it reaches to the destination of the consignee.

3- In an effort to pursue value extension and value innovation to our customers, PIL offers not only standard service offering but also solution meant for specific value proposition to meet very specific customers needs.

1- Freight forwarding
Applying the concept of distribution centers and expanding the use of containers, PIL has developed a forward hubbing solution that places your product close to your end customers across the whole china.

Benefits of Forward Hubbing:-
1- gives your customer confidence in knowing that the products. 2- reduces cost through minimizing warehousing, handling and damages. 3- shorten in delivery lead time.

2- Warehousing
PIL logistics provides the both bonded and non bonded warehousing at strategic locations across china.

PIL divided china into four main parts:
1-Northern China; Shanghai
2- for Eastern China, the Yangtze River Delta region; Guangzhou 3- Southern China, the Pearl River Delta region; and Chengdu – for Western China, extending to inner Mongolia. 4- the Pearl River Delta region; and Chengdu – for Western China, extending to inner Mongolia.

3- transport management
As retailers and manufacturer seek out opportunities in china's growing consumer market and the world's largest factory, the movement of goods has become a critical concern. PIL has solutions to the transportation challenges in China. We have successfully managed our global customer's transportation networks in china and is constantly exceeding our customer's matrix and expectations. PIL manages and offers a selection of transportation modes across china for business ensuring the flow of goods are optimized across entire china supply chain.

Through our intermodal capabilities, physical network and technology, we can offer customized transport model to our valued customers in china in the following ways:- 1- door to door

2- small package less than truck load
a- truck
b- rail
c- air
3- full truck load
4- full container load
a- truck
b- rail
c- multimode

5- value added service
a- proof of delivery
b- money collection

4- vendor hub consolidation
as global business marketplace expands and becomes more competitive, companies are looking beyond their traditional source of supplies in search of better and cheaper alternatives to maintain or even increase their competitiveness. As a result, global procurement of materials has become more widespread (Goal) this supports our customers' manufacturing and assembly of inbound and/or outbound materials from multiple suppliers and/or customers utilizing strategic location for staging and distribution on an continuous replenishment basis, servicing their production and distribution needs in Just In Time environment.

2- Pricing

The service Price, relates to how much is required to purchase to get the service done, form the company perspective the price encompass the whole pricing strategy of the firm that takes into account the comparative prices of competitors and the price norm of the market, including identifying the major influencers of price behavior.

Shipping industry is very dynamic one, and has a very volatile pricing schemes and the company internationally being not that large, so It has to cope with the current prices any how , what is in its hand is trying to predict the change in prices by analyzing the international trade network plus the entering of the new vessels of market and...
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