P2 Money Spent by the Government

Topics: Bar chart, Chart, Pie chart Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: May 14, 2013
| Money Spent by the Govt in 2010n billions| Money Spent by the Govt in 2013 in billions| Year of Increase And Decrease in billions| Pensions| £114.6| £138.1| +£23.5 in 2013|
Health Care| £118| £125.1| +£7.1 in 2013|
Education| £32.2| £36.4| +£4.2 in 2013|
Defence| £43.2| £46.3| +£3.1 in 2013|
Welfare| £61| £62.3| +£1.3 in 2013|
Protection| £17| £15| -£2 in 2013|
Transport| £13| £10.1| -£2.9 in 2013|
General Government| £14| £12.5| -£1.5 in 2013|
Other Spending| £52| £16.2| -£35.8 in 2013|
Interest| £30| £44.8| +£14.8 in 2013|
Balance| £0| £1.7| +£1.7 in 2013|
Total Spending| £509.4| £497| £16.5B increase in 2013| P2- Money spent by the government

They have spent this much money so that they can be able to hire doctors, provide better training, provide medication for patients and also provide doctors with their wages. Healthcare is the most important factor as the country will have to take care and look out for their patients correctly. They will also need to build new hospitals as every year the birth rate in England increases massively. They will have to put money towards every step they take and everything they do. This is because they will have to pay for the material, the builders, equipment within the hospitals etc. Every day the technology in the world becomes better and better. That’s why they are also going to change the age when people can receive pensions as it’s predicted that people live longer as more lives are saved. All of this affects the budget of the government and could lead to overspend in some other areas.

Above shows that there has been an increase in the pension area. This could be for many different reasons such as the population and older people retiring from their work places. The government will have to make sure that they cut costs in every area possible so that they run the country efficiently and without spending money. They have made progress in...
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