Overpopulation Is Bad but over Consumption Is Worse

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  • Published : November 28, 2011
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Today I'll be reflecting my insight on a very critical issue rising in our global economy, that is to recognize “OVERPOPULATION IS BAD BUT OVER-CONSUMPTION IS WORSE”. You know it is very interesting how Dr. David Suzuki published this article in 1993 pointing this issue of over-consumption about 18 years ago, I only wish he could see how economy has taken over us in these 18 years. ( a drastic variation it has been ) His article “overpopulation is bad but over consumption is worse” is portraying the present situation very precisely. We often find ourselves remarking on the third world countries and how they are adding up to the global condition by overpopulating and most definitely the cause is their limited grasp on resources. Which is quite understandable of course not justified BUT what about our side of the world??? In our economy, consuming is not an issue but over-consumption and following it religiously has sure created an ecological problem. Dr. David Suzuki has stated some eye-opening facts and figures that could help us perceive the difference clearly for example, Canadians consume 20 times more than a person living in India or China (one of the biggest exporters of the world) and up to 70 times more than the people in Bangladesh. What does this tells us??? There is a very thin line between consumptions of our needs and over-consumption of our wants. Again, this article has stated human psychology very bitterly yet true. Our economy has made us believe in “instant gratifications” or terms like “retail therapy” that “gives” us the feeling of fulfillment by acquiring some tangible product to fill a void. Problem lies when we stop recognizing that “is enough ever enough for us” we the buyers have a constant pressure from our economy, our society, our circle to look good not just be clothed, to have designer names in your closet, to get the latest innovations in the name of being “up-to-date” are we just consuming good or more like over-consumption has...
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