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Sometimes the Filipino news is like a tired old whore that only tells you what you want to hear. You watch stories everyday about the environment and some bits on global warming and they give you some tips you can do to help Mother Earth when the major problem is obviously overpopulation. That never comes up ever. In the US, Al Gore has to be pressed on the issue to admit that it is a problem. People say that it’s a passing fad, this desire to procreate.

The news knows you don’t want to hear that. The news has no problem telling you how to save the Earth by cutting up your six-pack holders before you throw ‘em away so you don’t strangle a dolphin when all that shit gets flushed into the sea. They also have no problem telling you to turn off the water while you brush your teeth. Of course you will do that. But they can’t say (or rephrase this) “Don’t fuck in the front hole because that is the real problem behind this”. Nobody wants to hear “Don’t fuck in the front hole after a hard day of work”.

An Oregon State study came out years ago show that a woman who already recycles at her optimum will still increase her carbon footprint 40 times by just having 2 children. The next time you see a hybrid car with a baby seat in the back, smash the windows outta that car Fight Club style, steal the baby seat, leave a condom where the baby seat was placed and see if you send a message because that is every sanctimonious douchebag who pretends to be part of the solution when they are the exact opposite of the problem that they are pretending to fight against. Your combined uteri wreak more havoc to the environment than a thousand chemical corporation accidents combined.

The Philippines has an area of 299,764 square kilometers but has a population of 94,852,030. Disgusting, ain’t it? If you want to help Mother Earth, try Sodomy. Sodomy is eco-friendly and Abortion is green. Cheers.
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