Overcoming Bitterness, Rebellion and Pride

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  • Published : April 21, 2012
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Overcoming Bitterness, Rebellion and Pride

Life always presents people with challenges. We are all provided rights from birth just because we are born human. A person is also born with challenges that he or she will have to overcome as a part of growing or maturing into an adult. We may try as human to ignore these natural barriers of life, but it doesn’ t change the fact that they are present. Today, we are going to discuss and talk about overcoming barriers and challenges in life such as pride, rebellion and bitterness. We all should have a better understanding of what these challenges are so that we can better understand how to overcome them with dignity and pose. The first challenge in life that we will discuss is being able to overcome bitterness. People often ignore this emotion and some may not even know that it exist inside of them. We are all born in sin as stated by the bible and we must fully come to God rid ourselves of all these sins that we inherit at birth. Bitterness is one of those feeling that resembles anger on so many levels. Bitterness can overcome a person and is often the result of a persistent emotional imbalance. We as human commit unspeakable atrocities on a daily basis. It’s just human nature that we commit these atrocities against each other and then become bitter about the result or the action that took place. We all witnessed how 9/11 changed our lives and left many people with bitterness toward Muslim people. Muslim people didn’t commit the action that we all observed on TV or in the news paper. The violation against our rights as human being was committed by other people that were frozen inside with a hatred or resentment towards our way of life as Americans. We can’t hate or hold a grudge against all Muslim people because of the actions of a few. Many people didn’t know that they were actually holding a resentment or bitterness toward Muslim people until after 9/11 presented itself for full view. We must...
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