Overachievers Essay

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  • Published : September 10, 2012
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Journalist Alexandra Robbins returns to high school to follow nine students as they pass through their years of fierce competition. Robbins combines fascinating investigative journalism and riveting storytelling to provide a moving narrative that explores how our high stakes educational culture has spiraled out of control. Robbins purpose is not only to show how carried away our generation has gotten with the desire to succeed but also to highlight and make aware of the pressure that the majority of teenagers face in high school while on the road to achievement. AP Frank, also known as the “workhorse”, focuses more on the pressure bestowed by the overbearing parents of our generation instead of the pressure students provide themselves. AP Frank had to grapple with the horrifying parental pressure to succeed his whole life. His mother was the main source of pressure in his life with her need to control his life and carve out a path of where she thought AP Frank should be headed. “But the idea of her assigning his college course load, as she done throughout high school, mortified him. He couldn’t let her guilt him into fulfilling a path she had predetermined. (pg.12)” AP Frank’s mother never let her son choose who and what he wanted to be and set such high, almost impossible expectations that AP Frank spent his whole high school life pressured to desperately meet them. During his high school life, AP Frank was forced to take all AP classes every year by his mother and she expected him to ace them all. “At some point during the school year, his mother had indeed called up Dr. Marco, infuriated, demanding to know why there wasn’t an AP gym class so that AP Frank could have a perfect GPA of 5.0. (pg.13)” He was never really allowed to have a life. Even though Frank’s story is very crazy it is relatable. Many parents nowadays are so obsessed with their kid’s lives and success that it becomes the parent’s lives too. Because of the high expectations parents set for the...
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