Outside Edges

Topics: Family, Father, Change Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: March 23, 2011
The relationships that family members share together are often changing. As strong as they are they are never constantly the same. As people grow so too does their personality and interests, these changes in a person’s life will often form and develop an old relationship once shared into a new one. In the story “Outside Edges” you see how a relationship between family members can change when David at the age of 8 discovers his new interest in maps of Canada. The author “Ivan Dorin” develops the idea how David’s obsession with maps creates a new relationship and a new way for he and his son spend time together. It shows how as one person’s interest’s change their relationship with others does as well. As a young child David stumbled upon an interest in maps. It was a unique hobby for an 8 year old boy to have, far different than any of his peers. The author shows us how this hobby transcends into his father’s life and how the changes can bring upon new uncovering for them to share together. With their new relationship evolving it would frequently find them at the library together in search of new locations “We must have been there for a couple of hours at least, rolling and unrolling the maps” or “When the other kids were still at home, we went on Sunday drives to Moraine Lake”. With this new bond that has formed between David and his father, it shows us how family’s can spend their time uncommonly together away from the regular and generic ways of society. Families in today’s society are highly influenced by their surroundings and social aspects of life and achievement. Some parents put enormous amounts of pressure and expectations on their children today that they often lose touch with the relationship that they once had with them. David’s father shows this acceptance as to what society views as normal when he says “All I could think of was how simple it would be to have a son who just wanted to be a fireman”. The author shows how the father ultimately wanted...
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