Outline on Media Manipulation

Topics: World War II, United States, Deception Pages: 3 (629 words) Published: October 31, 2010
Outline on Media Manipulation:

Thesis Statement:

The manipulation done by the media and media- Gods all around the world have left us helpless and confused on the edge of falsehood and truth where they decide our future and fate. They are exploiting our knowledge by covering and hiding important information from us and thus affecting us by deceiving the people and misleading the nations by lying to the world.

1. Media Manipulation is the exploitation of knowledge and information that reflects dishonesty, insincerity and double standards. A. It is branched into three different parts.
• . Distortion of news
• Covering/hiding important information
• Lying totally.
B. As soon as media emerged as a catalyst in people’s life some media men intentionally started to misuse media for their benefit. • Starting from the gallantry stories of Roman Emperors to the recent USA peace convention ---they all are some explicit examples of their media hypocrisy.

2. We are extensively dependent on the tools of modern science and technology has further strengthened Media’s capability and made it easier to intervene in our daily life for their interest. A. The forces behind the scene and who controls the media

• It was the post-World War II situation that offered media a supreme and influential position that ultimately led to where it stands now. • It is the men in power and men with money that control the media. • This vicious circle, consisting of journalists, editors, directors, media-gods, intellectuals and politicians possesses the same feature in terms of local and global aspect. B. The reason for media manipulation.

C.The Increase in rate of media manipulation all around the world. D. It is USA and its allies who are setting the standards of the world by telling us what to believe and who to follow.

3. How does the USA and its allies are enjoying full control over the electronic and...
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