Topics: Internet, Communication, 21st century Pages: 3 (304 words) Published: April 10, 2013

Thesis Statement: Since technology harms face to face communication alive in the 21st century and has negative effects on

human health, using technology sholud be reduced.


Topic Sentence: The technology causes the decrease in the amount of time which people spend interacting with others


A.Ending friendships

a. Prefering to find entertainment from the internet

b.Carrying technolgical devices anywhere

B.Ending marriages

a.Instead of talking at home, prefering to talk on social networking sites

b.Virtual or platonic loves can be inevitable


Topic Sentence: Technology causes (biologcal) negative effects on the human body.

A.Causing mental disorders

a.Being not able to distinguish between the real and virtual life

b.Excessive anger or depression

B. Causing pysical problems

a.Change of hormone levels

b.Musculoskeletal pains

III)Counter Argument & Refutation

Counter Argment I: Technology or the internet has positive aspects on communication.

A.Helping people communicate with someone on the other side of the world

B.Helping people strengthen their relationships which are existent

Refutation: There are different ways to communicate with the other people.

A.Not necessary to interact with someone on the other side of the world

B.Interacting with others face to face is always better than communicating with the others in social networking sites to

strengthen their relationships which are existent.

Counter Argument II: The technology makes people to be more aware and conscious.

A.Providing to keep in touch with the world agenda

B.Providing collectivity among people

Refutation:The awareness and conscious does not always have a positive result.

A.Keeping in touch with world agenda can make people internet addiction.

B.Collectivity does not always provide benefit.

Conclusion: On the whole, although some people believe that the...
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