Outbound Organizations

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Mass Market Tour Operator
Mass market tour operators put together holiday packages and sell huge numbers of holidays for the customer. They also arrange transport, accommodation, activities and any extra services that might be needed. They need to understand the tourism industry really well; know which are the most affordable routes and modes of transport, where tourists get most of the adventure and what services can be offered for free. They must understand operations of related companies and how they complement or conflict with the one they run. Examples:

Perfect Tours-12 Days trip to Croatia, Slovakia and Bosnia

Specialist Tour Operator
A specialist tour operator deals with niche markets and products. They focus on a particular activity or a travel to a geographic area. Examples:
Lion Travel-6 Days Golf Trip in Hawaii

Multiple Travel Agents
A multiple travel agent can be described as a travel agent who owns and operates a chain of retail outlets throughout a particular region. Multiple travel agencies are collaboration between two or more independent travel agencies.

Independent Travel Agents
An independent tour agent is a travel agent that works for themselves but through a host agency or an established travel agency. They sell travel related products such as flight booking and airport transfers, hotel booking, tours and safaris and car rental services among others. They are agents who sell these services on behalf of suppliers.

Online Travel Agents
It’s an online booking resource where you can go to make your travel arrangements. Examples:
Perfect Tour
Lion Travel

Taiwan’s outbound flights are the most important role in Taiwan’s outbound transportation. They bring thousands of travelers to other countries for their vacation, business purposes, or visiting families. They fly to major cities outside of Taiwan. Examples:

EVA Airways-Flight from Taipei to...
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