Out Stealing Horses Imagery

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How has water imagery been used to portray the events in Trond’s life from the novel out stealing horses?

Imagery is often used to place a reader into an experience with the usage of words, it allows the reader to create their own picture in their mind, allowing them to experience the five senses such as sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste that lead to visual imagery, olfactory imagery, tactile imagery and gustatory imagery. Throughout Per Pettersons “Out stealing horses”, a great amount of water imagery is used in different forms such rivers, lakes, and rain. Water is often used to represent a turning point in a novel in literature, it is known to represent change and life.

The flashbacks that Trond has in the novel are very descriptive; he remembers the little details about his past that indeed had a great influence towards him, especially the summer of 1948. As he recalls it, we learn about his personality being a man who is very reflective, an introvert that carefully observes the little details and had gone through tragedies since his childhood. He has now reached an old age, and settled in a peaceful rural area, starts to reminisce his past and try to gain a better understanding of it. At times, the imagery he uses foreshadows the events that follow up. For example, in chapter two of the novel, during his outing with Jon, before the strange events that follow, he states “I think I was unconscious for a few seconds, because I remember I opened my eyes as if to a new beginning”. This “new beginning” really does occur.

Tronds personality is brought out by Per Pettersons use of careful use of imagery present in the book. For example, his dramatic and detailed descriptions show the sort of person Trond is. His perspective of the things he sees around him as he grows up brings out the way he is. A lot of the information about the characters is gained through their actions, not their dialogue. In fact, the book has a lot more imagery compared to...
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