Our Parents Teenage Life

Topics: Mobile phone, Adolescence, Young adult Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: April 29, 2013
The Life of a Teenager: Then and Now

When my parents were my age they had high expectations for this generation. They didn’t expect us to have smart phones, or the internet. They expected stuff like flying cars, or teleportation. But to be fair, every generation has high expectations for the next generation; sometimes they get fulfilled, sometimes they don’t. The things that are important to a teenager’s life in my generation are 3 things: your social life, athletics, and your technology. When my parents were teenagers they didn’t have to worry about these things. All they worried about were their grades and having fun. But that changed quickly once technology entered daily life. As humans we strive for advancements. We always try to create new, cool things while also, improving on our current devices. My teenage life is vastly different from the teenage life my parents lived.

When my parents were teenagers they didn’t have to worry about their social life. They didn’t have facebook, or cell phones, but they lived near their friends. They would go outside and play games. Now we teenagers socialize by texting constantly or playing video games with other people. We always use some type of technology to talk to people. My annoying mom always says “Kids now a day have been changed by technology. They have grown lazy and ignorant. If you want to hang out with one of your friends walk to their house. Don’t ask for a ride even though they live a mile away. You have bikes and this thing called… Legs!!! When I was a kid I would walk 4 miles to my friend’s house so we could hang out.” I think this teacher was the most accurate about kids today.

Almost all teenagers now a days do some type of athletic sport. Whether its Foot ball or Soccer, or Baseball. Today’s society expects you to do some type of sport. But back when my parents were teenagers they weren’t expected to do a sport. They did a sport simply because they enjoyed it. They would either sign up for a...
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