Ottoman Empire

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Emily Haigh10/23/11
Chapter 21P2

When comparing the Ottoman Empire with the Mayan Empire there are many differences and similarities. They were different in that the Ottoman Empire actually declined from not being able to expand anymore meanwhile the Mayan Empire kind of just disappeared. They were similar in that they both had things to offer in trade because they grew or inquired new materials.

The Ottoman Empire had been built on war and steady territorial expansion. As the effectiveness of the administrative system began to decline it began to show the growth of corruption among the Ottoman officials. When the empire reached its limits of expansion, that’s when the land began to be lost to the Christian and Muslim enemies. They had internal revolts and periodic conflicts. The army began to shrink with the decline and they became less powerful. The Ottoman Empire ruled for more than 600 years, the longest one in all of human history. The Ottoman’s ruled in the 20th century.

Some of their similarities were that the Mayan Empire and the Ottoman Empire had writing and fine arts. The Mayan’s used different symbols to represent letters or words while the Ottoman used to write in Persian. They both took pride in the buildings the built and how they looked. Both empires had an increase of conflicts leading some way into their decline.

The Mayan Empire was a very successful empire in their time. They developed astronomy, a calendar and they were equally as skilled as weavers and potters. Their society consisted mostly of independent states. They started to decline in AD 900 and the reasons why are a mystery. Their emperor died, trade declined, their alliances broke up and then conflicts increased leading to the abandonment of their city Tikal.

Each empire had successes and failures leading to their decline. Meanwhile their failures made other empires realize them so they didn’t make the same mistakes and be more successful and...