Othello Speech

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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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English Speech – Othello
ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Everyone gather around!
I’ve just finished writing the script based on a Shakespearean play for our next BIG production. There are no happy ever after endings. Uh? Hey Garbutt don’t give me that face! Let’s get more realistic. Movies end in happy endings but does life end happily? Yeah! That’s what I thought! So how many of yous are up for it? One.. Two.. Three.. Four.. Hmm only four? Allow me to tell you more and I’m sure by the end of this you’ll all be with me. I’ve heard that tragedies purify affections by dismay and pity. It creates a permanent interest beyond us and subdues and softens the stubbornness of one self. It’ll teach us that there are people who are and have been like us, experienced what we’ve felt, thought, and done and it will open up a passage to the human heart and leave nothing indifferent that may affect us. When tragedy occurs, it creates a balance of affection and leaves us as thoughtful spectators in life. The tragedies that occur in life could be classified as disciplines of humanity. In our next new movie Othello, it’ll illustrate all these remarks and will surely capture and excited our sympathy in an extraordinary degree due to the use to dramatic irony and the similar events that may occur in life. Shakespeare uses some of Machiavelli’s ideas to portray the personality of the antagonist Iago. In Act 1, Scene 2, ‘In following him, I follow myself’ reveals Iago’s villainy. He only follows Othello to benefit himself. He uses this as an advantage to manipulate Othello to see opportunities to help himself on the downfall of others and especially Othello. Iago targets his victims by gaining their trust and taking advantage of it in order to achieve his revenge. Iago’s cunning plans for his revenge is not only because of his jealous and insecurities but it’s driven by basic desire to avenge who has hurt him and further himself. Iago suspects that Othello is sleeping with his wife so in...
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