Othello Act 1

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Iago, of the epic "Othello", is a very cultured and competent villain; so much that one could say Iago is the most fearsome villain in all of Shakespeare. Iago has no remorse or sympathy for his actions or the consequences they entail. Othello, the Moor which Iago's crosshairs have set aim on, is a veteran of the Venetian Cyprus Wars as well as other battlefields which have given him unparalleled credit as a soldier. Othello has promoted Cassio to a position that Iago saught after; in spite of Iago's war experience and recommendations, Othello had already came to a decision. Iago begins to ferment in vengeance. As his need for revenge grows, his threshold for motive decreases. A self-centered and aggressive manipulator, Iago's motives lack proper conviction. This man is characterized as a user of men, a self centered man who only entertains his peers ( or superiors) for sport or profit. He is a jealous man, who lacks patience when provoked. Above all his empathy and connoisseurship in the classical art of manipulation make him an ultimate puppet master. Coupled with a slight provoke from the Devi,l Othello; Iago has found plenty cause to hate Othello as he hates hell pains.

Initially, Iago is displayed as a man whose motivation for anything is always coupled with self benefit. The excerpt "Thus do I ever make my fool my purse: " reveals Iago's use of others for personal gains. This reflects Iago's deceiving attitude towards Othello. Whether it is because Iago lacks the physical means to do his will or because he doesn’t want to be discovered

in getting his revenge on Othello; Iago sustains his credibility in Othello's eyes. It's this consistency with his character that allows him to go on undetected in his ways so that he may execute his ultimate plot. Another characterization of Iago is revealed in his own admission of his use of people in the excerpt: " If I would time expend with such a snipe. But for my sport and profit."...
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