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Topics: Peer group, Adolescence, Peer pressure Pages: 6 (1609 words) Published: March 21, 2013
The Influence of Female Peers in the Fashion Choice of Males Ranzes Mae T. Dela Peña
St. Joseph’s College of Quezon City

Author Note
Ranzes Mae T. Dela Peña is a second year student of St. Joseph’s College of Quezon City taking up BS Psychology. Communication regarding this article should be addressed to Ranzes Mae T. Dela Peña, 1118 R.S. Cristobal St. Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines. E-mail: ranzesmaetamayo@yahoo.com

This study assessed the influence of female peers in the choice of casual wear of young men in college. First, participants (n=10) were asked to rate in a scale of 1 to 5 and without repetition of rating, five pictures of casual outfits that they would likely wear. Beforehand, the experimenter conspired with the female peer of the participant to suggest that the ratings of the casual wear should be as follows: Item A – 3; Item B – 5; Item C – 2; Item D – 1; Item E – 4, which concerns the next part. The participants were asked again to rate the same pictures but taking consideration the suggestion of their female peer. They were reminded that it was up to them if they will listen to their female peer’s suggestion or not. As predicted, the choice in casual wear of young men was no different from when they had the suggestive influence of their female peers.

Teenage years can be difficult and demanding. The desire to fit in and be considered popular and "cool" -- the need to be accepted, to be a part of the popular crowd -- may lead teens to make choices under pressure. Peer pressure may be defined as the influence of peers in the decision-making abilities of an individual. It may be classified into two: good peer pressure and bad peer pressure. Good peer pressure is when a group of peers push an individual to do good deeds and acts, whereas bad peer pressure is when a group of peers encourages an individual to engage in wrong doings and vices. “Pre-teens and teenagers face many issues related to conformity and peer pressure. They are pulled between the desire to be seen as individuals of unique value and the desire to belong to a group where they feel secure and accepted. The result is that often teens reject family or general society values, while feeling pressure to conform rigidly to the values of their peer group. An example of this phenomenon is seen when young people join gangs. In joining the gang they are rejecting the community's way of dressing and behaving. Yet to belong to the gang, they must conform to the gang's own style of dress, behavior, and speech.” (Internet Faq Archives) Physical appearance is extremely important to teenagers. Young people are all too well aware that the group may reject them simply because they look different or dress differently. The pressure to wear fashionable clothes is just one such concern for teenagers struggling to find an identity and place in life. (Laura Pru, 2009) The current research extends previous studies by demonstrating the influence of female peers in the fashion choice of young men. Previous studies had suggested that peers influence an individual in many ways (e.g. academic performance) but no study has investigated the pressure of females’ suggestive influence on the fashion choice of the opposite sex. Nowadays, teens would ask the opinion of their peer of the opposite sex on what to do with their romantic relationships; thus do teens also ask the opinion and take consideration the suggestion on casual wear of their peer of the opposite sex too? The researcher proposes that the fashion choice of young men would be no different from when they ask the suggestion or opinion of their female peer. The experimental hypothesis of this study is: “There is no significant difference between the fashion choice on casual wear of a group of 10 young men (17-25 years old Filipino college students of SJCQC) without the suggestive influence of a female peer, and the fashion choice on casual wear of the same group of the same...
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