Origin of Man

Topics: Human, Human evolution, Science Pages: 3 (991 words) Published: October 14, 2011
The Origin of Man is one of the most difficult statements or question that we have face as humans to answer. There are too many variables that goes into understanding the true meaning of the Origin of Man. Some of the variables that would question the Origin of Man would be Religion and Scientific knowledge or researched. Through Religion we are to believe that God “created humankind and all modern living creatures in a single, spontaneous week of creation. Through Science and researched we are to believe that we descended from the primate family of hominids. This is in part is hard for myself to believe that we as humans came from Apes, gorillas and chimpanzee. We are lead to believe that the first humans came from the Europe to which I disagree with this notion. My overall understanding with respect to the origin of man is developed with scientific researched. I believe in anything that can be proven must be correct. In reading the History of Africa by Kevin Shillington and watching The Real Eve I have come to the conclusion that the birthplace of man was indeed Africa. Early signs of humans have been trace to be founded in Africa, with the recovery of ancient bones, fossils, and stone tools. With the recovery of ancient bones that determined that humans did indeed populated Africa at one point it is hard to believe that we don’t come from Africa. In the case of Evolution, we evolved from primate family of hominids. I would have to disagree with this idea solely on the grounds that I need scientific facts that can prove that we came from gorillas. I would never agree with someone’s argument of humans, base on assumptions of the evolution theory of Charles Darwin. I do believe that early humans from Africa look like us in everyway but went through some changes due to climate changes in order to survive. I believe that we evolved from early humans to the humans that we are today due to our surroundings and climate change. We as humans evolved just like any...
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