Organized School Prayers

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organized school prayers

There are many issues with the idea of conducting organized school prayers. There are people who are opposed to this, and people who are supportive. People that are opposed to this issue feel as if religion and praise should not be involved into a school environment. They believe that religion does not have anything to do with education, and religion should not be included in the public school systems. People that are supportive of this issue feel as if religion will soon be eliminated altogether if it is eliminated from the public school systems. Parents want their children to understand the value of prayer, and be able to involve praise in their education. They believe that their children’s school performance will be better with a prayer beginning each day in school. People are divided on this issue, which causes continuous tension for the country. Agreement is not likely to be reached soon, because people feel strongly about their opinion. There doesn't seem to be a middle ground for this issue. Compromise is not likely to be achieved.

Even though there is no distinct divide between those who support and oppose, inclusion of prayer in the system of education is more common for members of religious communities to support prayer. For those who do not belong in religious communities and those who do not practice certain religions are likely to speak against prayers in public schools. Laws that are in place today allow religious groups to display their affinity to religions as if they are participating in a club. Schools allow clubs to be created within a school, and this is the only exception for religion. However, schools do not have the authority to mandate prayer during school operating hours. On the other hand, schools aren’t able to prevent or deny a student their rights to pray. This issue has been long standing and is not likely to be easily resolved because it is very challenging to find a compromise for an issue that is torn by polar beliefs. This issue is also complicated by the fact that it is not students who have a voice in addressing this question, but other members of the community that may not even be directly related to the system of education. The system of education in America needs continuous support from local communities as well as local and federal government. These decisions can have far reaching effects on American students. Because religion is such an integral part of some people’s lives, it is essential that this issue is not minimized but is properly addressed so that both sides can benefit from the outcome of this decision. Students with a religious background have a right to exercise their religious beliefs in a form of a prayer. However, those students who choose to not belong in a religious affiliation have a right not to be forced into practicing something they don't believe in. Favoring one group or the other does not support democratic principles that this country is based on.

Proponents of prayer in public schools use Christian roots of this nation as a strong reasoning to support the idea that United States was originally based on Christian notions and standards. Such proponents refer to the founding fathers who never indicated that Church and State should be separated. The notion of suggested separation of Church and State is not documented in the Constitution; thus, this nation is rooted in the idea that Church and State should function in support of each other. In fact, many supporters of prayer in public schools believe that the Constitution itself promotes prayer in schools. Opponents of instituting prayer in public schools strongly believe that enforcing this practice goes against the Free Exercise Clause, as non-Christian students would be forced to participate in this activity against their will.

According to The Equal Access Act and the public schools, if a school has federal funds, students have to be allowed to participate in after school...
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