Organized Crime Summary

Topics: Management, Government, Crime Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Organized crime summary
Brandon Shiley CJA/384 03/25 2013 Leroy Hendrix

Bureaucratic Organization-(Bureaucratic organizations are formal and consists of rules regulations, procedures, and protocols that prevent lower ranking members like patron-client from making decisions without administrative approval.)(Steven Limbaugh SEP.10,2010). This organization very rarely lets any members promote or think on their own they are more strict to the protocols they have set up. They rule with a iron fist and are strict on the other members and kind of view them as lower class of subordinates. They could not survive without these subordinates and often intimidate them into getting what they want from them. This often represents how they do business on the outside they look like are legitimate when in fact they operate in a very brutal and manipulative manor. They often have enforcers who handle the not so nice parts of their business, acquaintances and members learn to fear the administrative members of this type organizations.

Patron-client Organization-(A patron-client organizations is a group of criminal patrons who exchanged information, established a network of connections with political leaders and government officials, and a network of operatives for the purpose of benefitting the groups clients politically and economically.)(Steven Limbaugh SEP 10,2010). This organization relies on having a lot of connections to operate and succeed. The most harmful connections these organizations have would be the...
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