Organizational Goals

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Organizational Focus and Goals
Sharron Jones
April 22, 2013
University of Phoenix

Organizational Focus and Goals
Wal-mart one of America’s largest retailers celebrated its 50-th anniversary of partnerships, and service to its customers, and local communities during 2012 (Wal-mart Stores Incorporated, 2012). Since, the early 1960’s Wal-marts engaged various strategies that ensured success through seizing the competitive advantage, and dictating corporate philanthropy. Throughout 2013, Wal-mart’s overarching goals consist of increasing domestic sourcing of products and services, increasing veteran employment, developing its current employee base, and increasing its Global responsibility. Therefore, the current focus consists of developing a plan that teaches, motivates, provides, and assists employees in contributing to the company’s success. Training initiatives are vital because employees that possess the proper, knowledge, skills, and attitudes generally support corporate efforts in obtaining the goal. The aforementioned support allows employees to experience personal growth while striving for excellence in the business environment. The training initiatives, for each goal vary according to each goal, and the desired outcome. Therefore, proper employee training, effective use of resources, and each employee’s ability to follow directives while, working in a team environment contributes to organizational success. The aforementioned training requires Wal-mart’s Human Resources department to possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to produce effective training methods that teach employees how to assist the company in obtaining its goals. For instance, increasing domestic sourcing inclines the Human Resources Department to research laws within each Country, State, and Local community to ensure legal compliance in each facility while, creating universal standard-of-operation procedures for each goal, and the tasks associated with...
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