Organizational Change Diagnosis Paper

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BUS 790

In this paper I evaluate my organization, XXX Corporation (also known as XXX YYYY), on multiple dimensions based on information obtained from three personal interviews with Information Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing as well as my personal experience and information obtained from the public website ( I begin with a summary, and then move into an analysis of our need for change. I provide specific recommendations, which if implemented, will enhance the performance of my organization. It is important to note that I have only been with this company for two months and my level of knowledge of the organization is very limited. I do not have access to key leaders of the organization for personal interviews at this time. I am very thankful for the personal interviews I was able to get with representatives of the organization. However, it is important to note that their opinions represent the upper mid-leadership to “hands on” levels of the organization. Based on my limited interaction, I feel that we are an internally closed and “silo’d” organization. We suffer from “organizational silence” (which I will cover later in my paper). In the interest of protecting my interviewees, I have excluded their names. Diagnosis Summary

The diagnostic matrix below summarizes the evaluation of my organization on the dimensions of Strategy, Structure, Behavior, Purpose, Business Model and Industry. In the evaluation, I have included a numeric indicator of the strength of alignment of the two compared dimensions (such as Strategy and Purpose). This number is out of 10. For each dimension (Strategy, Structure, etc) I have included an average of the strength of the combinations to indicate the average strength of alignment on that particular dimension (such as the average strength of alignment on the strategy dimension). (Diagnostic matrix continued on the next page)

Strategy (Avg 10.0)

Allow and provide for a lot of customization on our vehicles to meet customer needs.

Strive for top quality products.

Maintain a “can do” attitude with our customers.

Structure (Avg 7.7)

Divided into defense, fire & emergency, commercial and access equipment divisions.

Internally, major structural components include engineering and manufacturing, to a lesser degree – service and support.

Conflicting points of view on internal coordination of resources and internal decision making ability.
Patterns of Behavior (Avg 6.3)

The organization has the XXX Way – a set of values centered around Honesty, Respect, Accountability and Citizenship

There are conflicting internal points of view if these values are enacted by our employees.

However, there is agreement that from our customer’s perspective, we live these values. Purpose (Avg 7.3)

Our goal is to design, build and support top of the line specialty vehicles for our customers. We build the “world’s toughest trucks”.

The employee sense of pride and commitment to the pursuit of this goal is very high, as represented in the trucks we build.

Strategy – Purpose (10/10)


Our strategy of allowing customers to customize our products to meet their needs successfully leads our purpose.

The “can do” attitude and communication with our customers helps maintain that successful feedback loop.


Structure – Purpose (6/10)


Our divisional and functional structures both support and enable our purpose. Strong alignment here.


Conflict with internal coordination and decision making while maintaining a high sense of pride and commitment amongst our employees suggests misalignment at the leadership level.Behavior – Purpose (6/10)


At the manufacturing level the XXX way aligns with our employee’s sense of pride and commitment. It helps empower our purpose.


Amongst staff functions, the XXX Way does not sound to be enacted to support our...
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