Organizational Behavior: Team Building Creating Cohesion and Team Work

Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Do team building activities increase productivity? How could we increase teamwork when team members are not often in direct contact with one another? Can you think of any ‘electronic team building exercise?

Team buildings can be good when employees don’t know each other and will have to work together. It allows them to know each other before they have to work together and they can know what are the strengths and weaknesses of the others. So they can pre-define how to combine the strengths of everyone to generate productivity in order to achieve the objectives. They also know how they can confront the problem when someone has a lack of knowledge or ability by using the skills of the others. In that way, the capabilities of some complete the shortcomings of the others. As long as that doesn’t go too far, and as it remains friendly, I think that a team building creates team spirit, and a feeling of belonging to the group and to the company. This system could eventually create rivalries or disagreements if several personalities of leaders are within the same group for example. It is the responsibility of the organizer to control that things don’t go too far, that the competition that can be part of certain exercises during a team building don’t overflow in rivalry or even in mockeries, insults or fight. A team building for a team building is absolutely useless, there must be an objective to it.nic’ team building exercises? However, the effects of such a dispositive on productivity are not always immediate. Thus it is difficult to grasp and to evaluate the harmful or beneficial results on a teamwork. Indeed, there is no common indicator of these results and we don’t know that would have been their productivity without a team building.

In the case when the teams already existed, a team building could use to rectify the situation for teams in which tensions already existed. However, it asks even more control so that it doesn’t get worse and spillover. People have...
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