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Topics: Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, Tampa, Florida, Pasco County, Florida Pages: 3 (817 words) Published: April 26, 2008
A Bill of Health That Doesn’t Add Up
At the request of the Tampa Tribune, three insurers allowed a reporter access to hospital cost and quality information they post on password-protected Web sites for their members. The companies were Humana, United Healthcare, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida. A Tribune analysis shows the range of prices that Bay area hospitals charge for the same procedures.

I believe the statistical procedure used in this report is mentioned in Chapters 2 under Data types. Out of the two Data types mentioned in chapter 2, (Qualitative data and Quantitative data) I think the Quantitative data type would be appropriate in this analysis report, due to the research is being done on prices that Bay area hospitals charge for the same procedure. Quantitative data have numerical values representing counts and measurements.

The findings of in the report state that Humana, one of the nation’s largest health insurers, says it has to pay $90,000, including doctor bills, each time a member has a heart bypass operation at Brandon Regional Hospital. If the patient had the same procedure at Tampa General Hospital, the insurer says it would pay about $45,000 – half as much as at Brandon. The company would pay even less for the same surgery at Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg: $30,450. Even though bypass surgery costs considerably more at Brandon, the other two hospitals (Humana and St. Petersburg), received higher scores for effectiveness from WebMD Quality Services, which analyzes hospital-patient data and sells the analysis to Humana and other health insurers.

A review of WebMD’s analysis of 33 procedures at Bay area hospitals found that those with the highest costs are seldom top-rated for quality, according to Humana’s member Web site. WebMD ranks hospitals’ quality performance using mortality rates and other data such as major complications. Humana and two other companies that favor providing cost and quality data...
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