Organization Chart

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Management Summary:
Management Role:
* Supervise and manage the overall performance of subordinates in the shop. * Achieve business and organization goals, visions and objectives * Deal and make decision on dairy problems occurring in our shop. Marketing Role:

* Creates and manages campaigns and promotions.
* Build awareness and a favorable image for the shop.
* Handle e-mail activity capability and Web activities including suggestive selling and awareness advertising. Finance& Accounting Role:
* Manage funds and planning for the expenditure of funds to meet our goals and objectives * Report the financial health of the business and suggest solution when financial problem occurred.

Hiring Positions:
1. General Manager (1 position, experiences required)
• The general manager will be control overall activities that occur in the shop and monitor all subordinates so, the general manager must be required management skills and work experience in restaurant business. Responsibilities:

-Control most of the activities in the shop.
-Advice subordinates in order to improve the quality of their works. 2. Cake Maker (1 position, experiences required)
• Cake Maker is one of the most important roles in our shop due to Cake as the main product of the shop so, He or she need to be expertise in Bakery. Responsibilities:
-Bake high quality and tasty cake which also good for customers’ health. - Create new menu to be special of month to satisfy our customers. 3. Ice-cream Maker (1 position experiences required)
-Make high quality ice-cream with the finest ingredients
-Create new flavor of ice-cream to vary the product such flavor of month, seasoning flavor, etc. 4. Dessert Decorator (2 positions)
- Decorate dish of Dessert to add value to the menu.
-Attend the counter of Desserts.
5. Waiter (3 positions)
- Take care of the service area.
- Take orders and serve customers.
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