Organisational Structure Impacts on Other Areas of the Business Environment Such as Communication Flow, Project Management and Relationships with Customers

Topics: Organizational studies, Sole proprietorship, The Culture Pages: 3 (649 words) Published: March 9, 2013
1.1 Briefly define different types of organizational culture. How would you describe the culture at Greescape? Under the different types of culture, what type of culture, do you think is evident in Greenscape?

Organizational Culture – the idea became recognized with the notion of organizational (corporate) climate in the 60s and 70s. Different researchers had developed several models and methods to describe them. 4 general categories:

* Compete (Market) Culture – Goal orientated, highly driven and motivated by winning teams/individuals. High-risk taking, fast paced and demanding environment, unlimited working hours. Concentrating on immediate, accountable results. Highly competitive, stressful but rewarding for the employees (sales, advertising)

* Control (Hierarchy) Culture – Highly formal, predictable and structured environment, govern by set of rules and procedures. High level of bureaucracy and regulations provides stability but at the same time weakens the employees. Strong emphasis on efficiency, scheduling, cost monitoring, security. Long-term goals orientated (banking, law)

* Collaborate (Clan) Culture – Informal, open and friendly, low level of structure. Highly focused on people, teams, as well as individuals. Family like atmosphere where people share a lot of themselves and collaborate, focusing on achieving honourable goals. Creative, encouraging, loyal.

* Create (Adhocracy) Culture - Opposite to bureaucracy. Innovative and dynamic. Strong emphasis on thinking outside the box and capturing the moment unify the organization. Highly involved in constant change, setting new trends, experimenting, and risk-taking. Supports and encourages positive personal development.

Grennscape opened its doors to business as a sole trader. The Owner, Lita Ong was an educated woman who cared about other people. Due to a unique customer service she provided, the company grew to be one of the largest in the area and employing 20 people....
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