Organisational Skills

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Effective organizational skills are really helpful in leading a balanced life, coping with the competitive world and proving myself while trying to maintain reduced stress levels.

I must admit that I am only organized to a point. I know where everything is, but it isn’t always neatly filed or sorted. I realize that this is something I need to improve, as things get lost when everything doesn’t have an assigned place. Keeping everything in place improves time management because a lot of time is wasted in searching for things in time of need. Even though I might know where things are, I have to develop a system that would prevent spending time looking for it.

The organizational techniques that I will employ are:

Spatial Organization:
Spatial organization is the process of keeping the physical work space in order. There are different ways that I can organize my physical work area.

• Create a place for everything
• Keep the most needed things in easily accessible places • Make folders and files for specific documents.

1. Create a place for everything: I need to assign a particular place for each item. I need to develop the habit of putting everything in its place straight away without delaying it, to minimize the risk of misplacing or losing items. If I put a structure in place for everything, example desk top sorters and filing cabinets, everything will be more organized. 2. Keep the most needed things in easily accessible places: By putting name tags on desktop sorters and cabinets it will be easily accessible, as the names will be very clear. I don’t have to look very long as I will know exactly where it is. 3. Make folders and files for specific documents: By making folders for all the different documents and naming them accordingly, I will know exactly where all my different documents are by just looking for the folder. This will safe on my time management.

Information Organization:
This technique uses various aids to...
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