Organic Foods: Is It Worth It?

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Organic Foods: Are they worth it?

Organic foods cost more than regular food, but are they worth it? Is it really better for your health? And are they really more nutritious? Should you buy organic food even though you are a student and has very little money? These are all questions that have probably passed through your mind now that you no longer have your parents to go grocery shopping and cook for you. But because there are no research that can prove that eating organic is healthier, and there is no research that shows that eating regular food is just as healthy, no real answer for your question exists. However, there are some articles like Alex Berger’s “Organic Foods are a Healthier Alternative” and Nancy Sprague’s “Counterpoint: Organic Food is Unnecessary and the Current Food Supply is Safe” that can help you make a decision.

Alex Berger, the writer of “Organic Foods are a Healthier Alternative”, however, believes that eating organic food is not only beneficial to one’s health; organic foods also have many other benefits. He says, “Organic foods tend to be richer in nutrients, perhaps because they are grown in soil with more complex micronutrients.”[1] Gerber then continues to say that organic foods have more than just health and nutritional benefits; it also has environmental benefits and social stability.[2]

Berger views organic foods as a friend. Although, they are expensive, they are much healthier, provide much more nutrition, and they also help the environment. The benefits of organic foods outweigh the negativities that were never mentioned in his article.

Berber’s argument is truly persuasive. His words makes the reader feel moved to believe that organic food is healthy, such as “agricultural chemicals may pose a greater risk to some individual.”[3] His threat makes the reader feel scared that eating normal, processed food can harm them, which will lead readers to feel that organic food is the healthier option.

Although Berger...
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