Opression by Men

Topics: Woman, Women's suffrage, Gender Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: January 17, 2013

In the book, The Kept Woman (Kalyani’s Story), by Kamala Das, she writes about how the police in southern states of India, are acquaintances of women trafficking. It illustrates how woman are oppressed by men of older age. The time period the book has been written is in the late 20th century, when women trafficking in southern India was a substantial issue. Das portrays the idea that male authority can lead to the oppression of woman through forced labor, this idea is shown through the use of diction and imagery:

“The policeman came forward and dragged her along a verandah into another room. That was a dark little room. She discovered that it had no windows: “Remove your clothes, otherwise I will undress you myself”, said the policeman.”(Das 20)

Imagery in this quote conveys a strong idea of women trafficking or how woman are led to into prostitution. Aminni, the main character here is a victim of forced human labor and is forced into it by the result of physical exploitation by the policeman. The imagery creates an affect brings the reality of the oppression of womankind and how the ‘fairer’ sex has to cope with this reality. Moreover, the imagery of the rooms gives an insight to the reader that connotatively “dark little room” represents her destiny of having a life of working to live another day without being “physically abused” by the police if she doesn’t work hard enough. In this book oppression is a motif of Kamala Das, which she repeats throughout her book. Das herself experienced sexual oppression by her husband that compelled her to write such book proving the point that despite being the weaker sex, they take advantage of woman, are oppressed by men of any age. In addition to imagery, diction that the author has used to portray the idea of forced labor, an example of diction is this quote: “She felt as if floating in that darkness, flinging out her body like a veil, until the room was flooded with electric light”(Das 31)...
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