Opportunity Statue

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Image Ten [Opportunity Statue]
In chapter ten of Habitudes, Dr. Tim Elmore talks about how we have to manage our time and manage the opportunities that come our way. We only have “86,400 seconds each day to use or abuse.” Elmore talked about the statue called Opportunity. He has hair on the front of his face, but he is bald in the back. This illustrates how we have to grab the opportunities when they are coming at us because once they pass there is nothing left to grab on to. Elmore mentioned that “time is more valuable than money.” Time is always going and once it is gone we can never get it back. We can always get more money. One of the guys he talked about was Joe, an inmate in prison. Instead of wasting his time playing cards and watching T.V. he would use that time to be productive and become closer to God. Personally I struggle a lot on time management and doing the right things with my time. There are so many times when I have something important that I am suppose to be doing, but instead I will go hang out with my friends or get on the computer. I will do anything, but what I am actually suppose to be doing. I cannot even imagine where I would be at in my life if I had used my time wisely. It is extremely important to seize the right opportunities that come our way. Once they pass there is no way to ever get them back. That time is gone forever. I know I am going to work hard on capturing those opportunities when they come by and managing my time better.
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