Ophelia Foreshadowing

Topics: Characters in Hamlet, Hamlet, Gertrude Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Queen Gertrude In-depth
My impression of Queen Gertrude is that she is easily manipulated. Just after king Hamlet was murdered by king Claudius she easily fell for Claudius. Gertrude is a person that only thinks about her self and only thinks what she wants. She marries Claudius because she has to or eles she wouldn’t have the power of being called a queen of Denmark. She remarried so quickly one because she is easily manipulated so Claudius took her in because she would be moaning over king Hamlet. She also remarried so quickly because she wants power and she would have to marry Claudius to get it. Her role women portrayed was that women didn’t have power during the time and women didn’t have as much rights as men had. She lies to herself and people around her to keep herself safe. In the bedroom scene is finds out that Claudius killed King Hamlet but she doesn’t do anything about it. Her loyalties lie on herself because she only wants to protect herself and has to lie to do that.

Ophelia Foreshadowing
Ophelia is the daughter of Polonius and whom Hamlet loves. Her role in the play was to be Hamlet's girl in the play. There was some foreshadowing that led to the dead of Ophelia. In the beginning of the play Hamlet starts to act a little crazy with meant Ophelia was gonna be treated differently. If Hamlet didn’t go crazy and mad , it wouldn’t have made Ophelia depressed making her kill herself later on in the play. Another foreshadowing of Ophelia deaf would be after Hamlet breaks her heart and then killing her father Polonius c
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