Operational Efficiency of Small Scale Bakeshop

Topics: Operations management, General Santos City, Mean Pages: 32 (8731 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Chapter 1
The Problem and Its Settings

This chapter presents the background of the research. In here includes the statement of the problem, objectives, importance, scope and limitation and the definition of terms of the study.

Bakery operations need a very good maintenance management system for efficient running of plant. Maintenance activity needs regular monitoring and records to evaluate problems and their solution. Bakery maintenance has its own features which need attention apart from regular maintenance practices. (www.bakerybazar.com)  Bread is a good-value, consumer staple and the current economic climate is an opportunity to reinforce its value, says the director of a leading UK bakery body. (www.bakeryandsnacks.com) Bread is one of man’s earliest foods. Today it is considered a staple food in most Western countries and is part of the diet of almost all people all over the world. Commercial baking and the other industries supporting it have become big business and constitute a large slice of the food industry.There are several advantages that a bakery business offers a new entrant. One, he is free to choose his market. Two, it is not difficult to find a good location for a bakeshop. Since bakery products are considered as a daily consumable, any populated area is a good place for a bakeshop. Three, there are hundreds of bread varieties that can be adopted by a bakery to satisfy the taste of his consumers. Fourth, the industry enjoys continuous growth. (www.mixph.com) Compared to other years in recent history, 2008 was one of the most challenging for bakery businesses in every sector of the industry. Unprecedented ingredient costs and skyrocketing gasoline prices combined with a downturn in the economy left many bakery operators scratching their heads, wondering how to cope. Most raised prices, some cut back staff and a few incorporated cheaper ingredient alternatives in their product lines. All were forced to make some difficult business decisions this year. And, while gas and ingredient prices have eased some, the state of the economy in 2009 does not hold much promise either. On the surface, the situation looks dire, but fortunately for the baking industry, people always need to eat, and some parts of the industry even benefit from the poor economy. Most importantly, the industry is filled with leaders who are always moving, thinking and capitalizing on new opportunities. On behalf of Bay State Milling Co., and magazines brought together some of these leaders from different segments of the baking industry to talk about business challenges and learn their thoughts on future innovation and where the industry is headed. (baking-management.com) Statement of the Problem

This study aims to determine the Operational Efficiency of Small Scale Bakeshops in General Santos City. Specifically, it will seek to answer the following questions: 1. What is the profile of the bakeshops in terms of

1.1 Form of Business Organization;
1.2 Number of Years of Existence;
1.3 Number of Personnel;
1.4 Capitalization; and
1.5 Volume of production?
2. What is the operational efficiency of the small scale bakeshops in terms of: 2.1 Methods/Procedures;
2.2 Technology;
2.3 Quality; and
2.4 Management?
3. Based on the result of the study what improvements can be recommended? Significance of the Study
This study gave information on efficiency and effectiveness of all operational strategies of small scale bakeshops in General Santos City which would serve as basis for further improvement of job satisfaction. Specifically, this study would be greatly beneficial to the following bodies, sectors and organization: Owner of the Business. The result of this study will provide insights to the owner of the business for creating more strategies in operational system. This will further help them in giving more idea on how they acquire the raw materials in the best way. Manager. The result of the study will provide...
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