Operation Smile

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Charity Foundations Depend on You

For charity foundations, every charitable donation truly makes an impact. Whether a large corporate charitable donation or a small personal charitable donation, everything counts. With the average cost of a cleft lip operation at only $240, even a charitable donation of $20 per month for one year alleviates the burden of a facial deformity for one well-deserving child.

Operation Smile is one of the many charitable foundations where you can really see the impact of your donation dollars. Here on our website, you can view pictures from our recent missions and read about the latest news and events. Operation Smile relies on charitable donations and medical volunteers to complete 25 or more missions each year.

During a standard mission, a team of volunteer medical professionals performs free reconstructive surgeries on 100 to 150 children. You may be amazed at the difference your charitable donations make. Even the most severe facial deformities can be almost completely reversed by this surgery.

If you are researching charity foundations, we invite you to browse around our website to see the progress we’ve made with charitable donations since 1982. In addition to what you can see in the before and after photos, Operation Smile works to raise awareness of this common facial deformity. Increased knowledge about cleft lip is especially important in developing countries, where there are thousands of children who have been abandoned and are now in orphanages because of a repairable cleft lip deformity.

Operation Smile has continually ranked among the top charity foundations for its work around the globe year-round to correct the devastating facial deformities of children. Your charitable donation doesn’t only impact the lives of children abroad. Operation Smile operates a U.S. Care Network as well, providing referrals for children who need assistance.


* Operation Smile, headquartered in Norfolk,...
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