Operation Rutter

Topics: Dieppe Raid, Amphibious warfare, Royal Air Force Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: February 21, 2013

Dieppe raid was a major operation planned by Admiral Lord Mountbatten’s Combined Operations Headquarters. The operation was first drafted in April 1942 by Joint Operations Headquarters and named as “Operation Rutter”. The objectives included seizing and holding a major port for a short period, both to prove it was possible and to gather intelligence from prisoners and captured materials, including naval intelligence in a hotel in town and a radar installation on the cliffs above it.

The Operation Rutter had conducted because of the Allied situation in the spring of 1942 was grim due to deep penetration of Germans to Russia result in the British Eighth Army in North Africa had been forced back into Egypt, and, in Western Europe, the Allied Forces had been pushed across the English Channel to Britain. At this point the Allied Forces were not strong enough to mount “Operation Overlord”, the full-scale invasion of Western Europe. Instead, the Allies decided to mount a major raid on the French port of Dieppe which was designed to test new equipment, and gain the experience and knowledge necessary for planning a great amphibious assault that would one day be necessary to defeat Germany. Those reasons become legal basis for the Allied to perform Dieppe Raid, so called “Operation Rutter” then became “Operation Jubillee” in 1942.

The invaders forces consisted of about 5000 soldiers Canada, 1000 soldiers of the United Kingdom, and 50 soldiers of the American Ranger. The Royal Navy provided 237 ships and landing ships, while the Royal Air Forces provided 74 Squadron Aircraft of which 66 of them are hunters Squadron. The Allies intent to launch an invasion with number of invaders is the size of a Division to the port on the coast of France occupied by Germany and then took at least twice as long as the tides. This invasion is expected to cause massive damage to the enemy defence facilities. The draft was then operating approval from...
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