Operation Manager

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Operations Service Management
Operations management is the process by which the managers in an organization ensure that all the services delivered by the organization are efficient using as little resources as possible. The essay uses the electronic business as the example in this case. Service people are the members of staff that help to attend to the clients or customers. In short they deliver the services. The frontline staff in an electronic is the service people that offer the services to the customers. They have the direct contact with the customers (Johnston, 2000). Discussion

The staff members are usually under the pressure to ensure that the customers get quality services and there is total customer satisfaction. One of the pressures that the frontline staff faces is due to the nature of the assigned task (Johnston & Graham, 2008, p.237). The staff faces some customers who are very difficult to handle and they have a responsibility to ensure that the customers are content with their services. The customers at the electronic shops demand quick service and so the staff members must act swiftly to ensure that the services are fast and efficient. The pressure is more when it comes to the workload. This is due to the type of the service to be offered, the process involved in the service and the inputs to be used to offer satisfactory services (Teboul, 2006). Some of the services may be complex with complex processes thus demanding more from the staff members. This is the case if the competence of the customer has an effect of the frontline employee. The restaurant management is strict to ensure that the frontline members are constantly active to keep the customer flow. This increases the workload thus mounting a lot of pressure on the staff members. The staff is also under immense pressure to meet the performance objectives and to hit the targets....
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