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For the first time, in the toolbar planning we set our budget $ 500 in account team/ individual recognition in order to improve team or individuals productivity by give reward to the entire team or specific individuals on team (Figure 1-1).

Figure 1-1
Then, choose toolbar resouce to ploting team member, like figure 1-2 bellow:
Figure 1-2
We recuit our new team member, Sally Nicoles and Adam Herrez in this work week 1. So, they will be arrive in two weeks latter so they can start their task in week 3 . Then, we make priority for existing team member, David Lewis. We give him priority 1 for task 1 and priority 2 for task 2.

Email come from CeO (figure 1-3):

figure 1-3

We choose response number 1, because we still confident with our team capability. Then, another email comefrom David Lewis (Figure 1-4):

Figure 1-4
We think, better to hold the meeting because we want to make sure that all departement can join this meeting.

From Work Week 1, we accept this result (Figure 1-5):

Figure 1-5
This is show us that Earned Value is bellow the expectation. So, we think the worker need recognition to motivated him.
Figure 1-6
Actually from bar chart (Figure 1-6), we can see that in the week 1 for Task 1. System Design, David Lewis is still on the track. But, in order to improve his productivity then we set him to do overtime work for the work week 2. From toolbar quality (Figure 1-7), we can see that defect is still bellow the yellow limit so we justified that condition show that the quality of the product is still appropriate with the standar of product.

Figure 1-7

In this session, for David Lewis we set priority 1 for task 1 and priority 2 for task 2 and overtime work for 15 hours, like figure 2-1 bellow:

Figure 2-1

II.Time/ Individual Recognition
In order to motivated the worker, we give him cash $ 100 Figure 2-2 bellow:
David Lewis thankfull for the individuals recognition (figure 2-3):
Figure 2-3
David Lewis told us about meeting that we have set before, show that someguy who doesn’t have any stake in this project asked all kinds of questions and really empact the meeting. This make key stakeholder in marketing left disgust before we could get approval. So, we think better if we reschedule our meeting, like Figure 2-4:

Figure 2-4

The result is, earned value is still bellow planned value (figure 2-5):
Figure 2-5
Our defect products is still bellow the yellow limit, so that is mean our output product is still appropriate with the standard of the product.
Figure 2-6

For the bar chart, we saw that Task 1 is finished on the track then David Lewis can continue his job to Task 2, like Figure 2-7 bellow:

Figure 2-7

Work Week 3
We recruit Jane Hodges for doing Task 3. Software Implementation, so she will be arrive in the next 2 weeks. Then we set priority task as Figure 3-1 bellow:
Figure 3-1

We set meeting 2 times in this weeks in Tuesday and Thursday, with Tuesday’s Topic is about Process/ Quality for 1 hour with feedback type coach. Then in Thursday we set meeting with the topic about Productivity for 1 hour with feedback type coach, like Figure 3-1 bellow:

Figure 3-2
III.Team/ Individual Recognition
We set team recognition with Pizza Lunch as Figure 3-3 bellow:
Figure 3-3
Louis Style give 3 email and want us to read that email quikly and give respond to him. David Lewis told that We had the meeting and received our design approval. I wish it could have occurred earlier. Hopefully we won’t have to redo something later on. Earned Value is still bellow the planned value but the gap is reduce, like Figure 3-4:

Figure 3-4

Our defect product is still bellow yellow limits, that is mean our product is still appropriate with the standard like Figure 3-5 bellow:
Figure 3-5

Our bar chart...
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