Operating System

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The hard disk is a magnetic disk used typically to record and store information, whenever we save data or install a program on a computer. The information stored in the hard disk does not get deleted when the computer is turned off. Disk partitioning is the process of dividing the hard disk data storage space into separate areas called partitions. Disk partitions will usually take place or get created the first time the hard disk is prepared for usage. After the disk has been divided into partitions, files and folders can be stored on each partition. There might be situations where the system administrator may be required to create new partitions, resize existing partitions and sometimes delete partitions as the need arises.

Windows 7 is an operating system that was developed by Microsoft Corporation for computers (laptops, notebooks, home and business desktops PCs); it was released to the public 3 years after the release of Windows Vista operating system. Unlike Vista, Windows 7 is stable, faster and has more support for hardware. 2.1 MAIN FEATURES OF WINDOWS 7 OPERATING SYSTEM

Action Center – This is a central place where we can view alerts and take certain actions which can help sustain the smooth running of the operation system. Internet security setting, user account control (UAC), windows firewall, network access protection, windows updates, virus and spyware protection and maintenance are some controls found in the action center. Home Group - Home group has made it easier to connect different computer devices inside a home network and share resources like printer, images and media files. Biometric Framework - Windows 7 operating system has a biometric authentication framework that provides support for fingerprint biometric devices. Enhanced Taskbar – Ability to pin applications in the taskbar, and easily access recently opened files related to that...
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