Op 2.15

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Paralanguage Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: January 26, 2013
OP 2.15
Communication, language and literacy is the most important skill you can teach your children, it helps them with every learning experience throughout their lives, communication is not just through talking there are many ways of teaching your child to communicate if there is a problem and that’s through actions such as facial expressions, tone of voice, body posture, movement and drawings this is called non-verbal communication. Without being able to communicate successfully, children will struggle to make the most of their experiences that come their way, this includes not being able to use any form of language in any way of communication as its used to share thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions and information. As long as a child has some form of communication they will be able to successfully move on in life and have some form of understanding with other members of the public, this will help them with their learning as they wont become frustrated, which builds confidence and will give them the skills of being able to sit and listen, speaking, reading and writing, solve problems and develop ideas and communicate with other peers and adults. Any form of vocabulary even introducing sounds helps their development. For children with other languages being able to communicate in forms of expression through play will help them pick up the language which is being used around them.

Its linked to areas of creative, mathematics, personal social and emotional, knowledge and understanding of the world. This is because its all involve in concentration, mark making, role play/imaginative play, singing, puppet shows and it also helps them to solve problems, form friendships, take turns, sharing, gives them the confidence to answer questions, reflect on what they have learnt on a day to day basis and sit in groups at circle time, and enjoy a range of books as well as having a sense of new experiences going on around them.
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