Ooad Design Specifications

Topics: Unified Modeling Language, User, Class Pages: 3 (427 words) Published: November 9, 2012

Restaurant All-in-one Management System (RAMs)
Design Specification with UML


Leung Chun Kit and Leung Ting Fong
03011720 and 03011739
(Group 22)

COMP 2221
Lecturer: Prof. Jiming Liu
December 4, 2004
I. Table of Content

I.Table of Content1

II.Graphical Notion Used2

Notation of Use Case Diagram2
Notation of Class Diagram2
Notation of Sequence Diagram3

1.Use Case Diagram4

1.1.Use Case Diagram of End User Acting with the RAMsystem4

2.Class Diagram5

2.1.Class Diagram of RAMsystem5

3.Sequence Diagram6

3.1.Sequence Diagram of staff6
3.2.Sequence Diagram of manager8
3.3.Sequence Diagram of administrator9
II. Graphical Notion Used

Notation of Use Case Diagram

Notation of Class Diagram
Notation of Sequence Diagram
1. Use Case Diagram

1. Use Case Diagram of End User Acting with the RAMsystem
End users(administrator, manager, staff) can perform ordering, editing ,checking and management function insider the RAMsystem. End user can use food ordering function and food editing function only bill had been created by user. Only manager can manage the duty roaster. No one can edit the database or checks the password database execpt the administrator.

2. Class Diagram

1. Class Diagram of RAMsystem
All user and database of RAMsystem is created by the administrator. Administrator can modify any of the data in the RAMsystem. Staff and manager can create or edit bill but only manager can edit duty roaster. Bill has id, date and cost. Each bill has a unique id. User can be categorized into 3 types, administrator, manager and staff. All users have their own unique id and password. Both the administrator and the other user can change their own password. However, administrator can change the password everyone.

3. Sequence Diagram

1. Sequence Diagram of staff
Staff can only add...
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