Only Two Thousand Rupees

Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Only Two Thousand Rupees
The world is big. Sometimes, we forget how big it is and what contrasts we can find if we visit another country. There live so many different people in the world, and everybody live their lives in so many different ways. Some people have swimming pool and 5 cars and some people live in a cardboard box under a bridge but no matter how someone live its life it is impossible to generalize and think that you know somebody’s personality. In this short story by Simon Lewis the story takes place in a part of the world where people live differently compared to most parts of the western civilization. A small village in the mountains outside of Delhi in India, which is developing into being more civilized, is actually where the whole story takes place. The village’s president has helped the city to prosper but mostly in a way that is quite egoistic and disrespectful. He has a deal with the local police in the valley. If the president gives the policeman Ram information about the tourists coming to the village, the policeman will give the president money so he can develop the small village. Jay is the main character in the story. He is from England and has white skin and long hair. He visits the village because he wants to buy cannabis. It is not told why he is in India but through the whole story it is clear that he just want to go back to the civilization and that he went to this small village in the mountains for the sole purpose of buying cannabis. He does not like the primitive life and he cannot live without technology for a very long time. “As he walked back through the village, Jay relaxed into a mood of self -congratulation. He would sleep on a mattress tonight, and in three days he would be talking to other dirty white people and watching MTV in cafes.” When he comes to the village he is not very polite, and he does not listen to what his guide Punjee says. This shows that he not only does not understand that this is a totally different...
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