"Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth" 60''s Scooped

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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"Only drunks and children tell the truth" by drew Hayden Taylor "address the abduction of Aborinal children in the 1960. During the 60's were a number of aboriginal children adopted into non-aboriginal homes and other countries. As this is a 60's the children were abducted from their homes and communities without their family's consent or knowledge. I refer this when Barb reveal (pg 12) on her sister Janice was taken by Canadian Aids society at early age, she was removed from her biological family and raised by a non-aboriginal. There are a large number of First Nation living off reserve and urban areas,a like number of aboriginal children who are in care of foster care. A portion of these adoptees face cultural and identity confusion issues as the result of having been socialized and acculturated into a middle class society. The aboriginal leaders who believes these children are losing touch with their cultural roots. Aboriginal people. Are historically found on the low end of the socio-economic scale in Canada. The are 10 percent of Canadian kids having no support. The loss of language and culture with aboriginal community is a factor in the breakdown of families values, addiction and anti-social behaviour, to name a few consequences. The aboriginal government need to understand the families they service and aid in a repatriation initiative that will help individual and communities return to their traditional values. The values of the culture and identity cannot be overstated. The number of aboriginal people in the urban is growing at an unprecedent rate, large because do the lack of opportunity and housing on reserves. In many instances the social issues found on reserves are being transferred to urban areas, these aboriginal children requires linkages to their culture and language as well as to their home community. They many or may not have suffered abusing during their time in care and in many cases have been removed from their family and the culture. Also...