Only Daughter

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  • Published : March 4, 2012
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Only Daughter assignment 1
1.) When she states that she is the only girl in a family of six sons, Means she was a lonely, her brothers never wanted to play with her because she was a female. This made her think and image and become a writer. 2.) Being the only daughter she means that she is the only girl out of six boys. Being “only the daughter” she wasn’t allowed to do a lot with her brothers and was singled out, creating her to image and write. 3.) Advantages of being the only daughter, is that she got more protection from her brothers. She was recognized by her dad more in finding a husband. My only daughter, the writer. She was able to go to college being only a daughter; her dad thought it was a way to find a husband. 4.) Her father thought she wasted her time because she spent most of it in school, without finding a husband. She should have found a husband, but when he introduces his daughter he states “my only daughter, the writer.” 5.) It was the most wonderful because finally all her hard work was translated in to a Spanish book and her father was able to read it to her and he laughed at the right spots, and said that they need more copies for Mexico. At that moment she knew that he father was proud. Purpose and Audience

1. Her purpose to her audience is for them to understand her language as well as translate it into English for two different audiences to understand. 2. Cisneros thesis is that she is the only daughter of six brothers. Incidents and detail support is how she is viewed in her house hold and in culture. 3. A sympathetic impression of her father, because he didn’t see the value of getting an education and now that she is much older he appreciates her writing and her education. Style and Structure

1. Cisneros interrupts the passage in a lot of places throughout the passage for us the readers to understand and mentally connect to how she felt. 2. No the author is not writing...
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