Online Library Reservation System

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E-Library: Online library reservation system.


I’m going to develop an online electronic library system that could be used by universities, schools, or public libraries, to control the process of: reserving, lending, and returning of books.

Any user who subscribes to the library can reserve books online, and check the status and history of his transactions.


Literature Review:

As I searched through the Internet to find what had been done regarding this subject, I was surprised that there are very rare or no complete commercial solutions that cover this subject (reserving, lending, and returning of books).

I can categorize what I found into the following main categories:

1. Commercial desktop applications: Used to control books inventory by: adding titles, classification, and searching. (can’t be used over internet, only use by single user)

2. Non commercial Web applications used only for specific organizations such as: universities, public libraries and schools. (they are private)

3. Commercial web applications: These are very rare, I found only one. (like our project)

Literature References:

1. A site that sells a commercial desktop books inventory system. {Category 1}

2. a comprehensive resource management and scheduling system used in educational institutions for inventory such as audio-visual equipment, computers, media, and rooms. {Category 3}

3. This is a system called “Voyager” which is: an online catalogue describing the Auckland University Library's extensive information resources, where they are and how to access them. {Category 2} 4. The Lingnan University Library. {Category 2}

5. Houston community college libraries. {Category 2} 6. The Berkeley Public Library. {Category 2}

Aims of my project:

I’m looking forward to develop a general online library system that could be used by any organization, and not specific to a single university or library. (It will contain all the features specified in the three categories above).

It will contain the following base activities:

• Books inventory.

• Online reservation of books.

• Lending books.

• Returning books.

Currently for the purpose of the project, the system will support only books, or printed materials such as magazines and documents; however I hope to extend the system to include any resource available in a library such as: CD’s, video tapes, cassettes, any resource that could be lend …etc.

The potential users of my system are any organization that has books inventory, and intend to lend books to some users.

Note: “the system can only be used as an inventory control system only, if needed”.

The following is a general view of the system:

• System administrator can:

o Manage books: create, edit, and delete books.

o Manage users: create, edit, and delete users.

o Assign users rights.

o Define the system public variables.

• Users or library subscribers:

o Log on to the system from their homes, or any internet enabled place, after authentication they can:

▪ Browse the available books.

▪ Search for a specific book (by ISBN, title, author, category…etc)

▪ Reserve books. (The reservation will be canceled automatically if the user didn’t get the book within a specific period of time.

▪ Cancel a reservation.

▪ Users will receive an alarm if the due date of their lent books is close.

• The librarian can lend and return books from subscribers, see reserved books report, see...
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