Online Banking Project Charter

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Business requirements
Online Banking
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Table of Contents
1 Executive summary:3
2 Project Objectives:3
2.1 Project Goal:3
3 Project Requirements:4
4 Business Objectives & Success Criteria:4
5 Project Scope:4
5.1 In scope: Major Task.4
5.2 Out of scope:5
6 Stakeholders:5
7 Constraints:5
8 Assumptions:5
9 Gap Analyses Business process Flow:6
9.1 Current Business process flow:6
9.2 Proposed Business process flow:6
9.3 Step to go from Current state to future state:7
10 Business Requirements:8
10.1 Security Requirements-8
10.2 Performance Requirements-9
10.3 Availability Requirements:9
10.4 User Requirements:9
9 Budgets:11
9 Risks:11
10 Milestones:11
11 Authorizations:12

1 Executive summary:
Online banking project can be very useful, especially for banking outside bank. Customers can also manage their accounts anytime, anywhere where internet access is available. No special software or hardware is required. The project will give flexibility and convenience to customers for invoking a whole lot of functionalities that they typically have to go to the bank for, wherever and whenever it is most convenient for them. 2 Project Objectives:

Develop online banking portal for current & new customers by Q3 2012. 2.1 Project Goal:
Goal of the project is
* Provide 24 / 7 availability of banking services at customer's desk * Customer can perform all financial transactions through internet * Customer can schedule scheduled payments with multiple occurrences * Can have email and SMS alerts on each transactions performed through portal * Customer can transfer money from one to other account with in the bank or different bank.

No need for extra spaces!

3 Project Requirements:
User can able to access their accounts, deposit check in to their accounts without going in to banks. Able to pay their bills, scheduled their payments, track their bill payment history. 4 Business Objectives & Success Criteria:

The Business objectives for this project are:
* Customer can pay almost any bill: mortgage, cell phone, even dentist bill. * Bills can be pay within minutes. Most payments can be made by the next business day. * Track Bill Pay history to see whom they have paid and when. * Modify or cancel payments up until the scheduled payment date. 5 Project Scope:

5.1 In scope: Major Task.
* User can apply for account
* Check their accounts
* Deposit check to their accounts
* Allow users to pay their bills, track the bill history. * Apply for loans
5.2 Out of scope:
* Customer cannot deposit cash.
* Customer cannot withdraw cash.
* User cannot transfer more than 1000$ per day.


6 Stakeholders:
Stakeholder includes users, bank IT department, and project development team. 7 Constraints:
Primary constraints for this project is in the priority order * Scope will be leading constraints for this project.
* Schedule is the second most important constraints.
* Cost is the least of the major constraints.
8 Assumptions:
* We will need resources to implement the project.
* We will implement security improvement strategies throughout the project.

9 Gap Analyses Business process Flow:
9.1 Current Business process flow:

9.2 Proposed Business process flow:

9.3 Step to go from Current state to future state:
* Create & deploy online banking system web portal.
* Provide security measures to prevent fraud activity.
* Install a secure method, in order to protect & manage user account information. * Give them flexibility to browse bank services for different location as per city, state, or zip code. * Setup 24x7 hours access for their money.

* Setup services, so the user will order checks, debit card, & order foreign...
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