Online Accounting Courses

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Online Accounting Courses

The difficulties that students can face during an online Accounting course and objectives that could and can assist students in completed the course successfully. The instructor informed the class from the start that he had several courses going on at once; this did provide me with a good feeling in completing the course or even receiving a passing grade. Not being able to get assistance from your instructor is one obstacle that was faced during my accounting course, but all classmates reached out to one another for help.

Some steps that I took personally to succeed was searching the internet for written or video step-by-step instructions for problems and getting assistance from friends or family members who had some type of accounting or other mathematical instruction from schooling they had. Midway through the course our instructor was removed and another school representative took over our course and provided us with assistance via written instructions, web links and several live phone conferences for any questions we had.

The outcome I expect is for every student taking this course be provided with an instructor who takes their job seriously and provides his/her classes with the best high standards and ethical morals in providing what their students need. The instructors should not put their issues they face by how many classes they may have going on at one time and unable to provide assistance. Also, the faculty should be provided with a teacher aide/instructor for assistance in answering any questions their students may have, and offer some type of tutor program for accounting courses.

Effective online demo examples of forms, ledgers, bank accounts and more should be available for each class or via the student library. Instructors should return assignments with errors marked in order to assist the student in what they did incorrectly; this will assist the students the help they need in knowing where...
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