One Slice or Two (a Food That Symbolizes American Culture)

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1 February 2013

One Slice or Two
From the first piece of butter you drop into the frying pan, to the exotic smell of the bread when it starts to toast, anyone would be anxious to bite into a warm gooey grilled cheese sandwich. A tasty grilled cheese sandwich provides a multitude of delicious tastes on the tongue that run from the crispness of the bread to the melting of the cheese. The richness of the cheese and butter practically explode in your mouth, leaving you wanting to take bite after bite. This well-known sandwich is very popular in the America’s society today. Countless number of people would agree that a grilled cheese sandwich is best served with a bowl of soup. Many people’s choice of soup is the tomato soup. The cheese that is most commonly used is American cheese, although it can be prepared with Swiss or any other cheese instead. To concoct a nearly perfect sandwich, you must first start off with two slices

Sealy 2
of bread buttered on the outsides. A slice or two slices of cheese, depending on how awesome you want your sandwich to be. Also what is needed is plenty of butter, which helps the cheese, melt and prevents your bread from sticking to the pan. Flip the sandwich back and forth several times until the two slices of bread are browned and the cheese is gummy and melted. In the beginning the sandwich was not even a complete one. It started out as just one slice of bread as well as cheese on top. A grilled cheese can be eaten at any time of the day; normally people (especially children) eat it in the morning for breakfast or at noon for lunch. The grilled cheese has always been a quick and simple dish one could make at home. Various diners have included the sandwich to their menus. If it isn’t located near the lunch special section, flip on over to the kids menu and there you will find it.

Besides all of the buttery goodness it...
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