One-Sided Political Angels in America

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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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I would have to disagree with the statement that ‘Angels in America is one-sided in its political leaning; the politics in the characters are flawed and therefore the play is flawed.’ The characters in this play represent the political spectrum rather well. For example, Joe would be considered a conservative, while Prior, on the other end of the totem pole would be considered a libertarian. Yes, Joe just so happens to be a closeted gay, but his values are considered to be Republican. Joe is a strict Mormon, who believes marriage should only be vowed between a man and a woman. Although he is gay, he married a woman to fit into what he believes society’s standards are. As far as Prior is concerned, he is gay and not afraid to show it. He represents the more liberal side of politics. He even contracts AIDS and tells his partner Louis so that they can overcome this obstacle as a couple – although Louis refuses.

Another important character in this play would be the “used-to-be” drag queen turned nurse, Belize. Belize sort of plays the role as a happy medium between the two opposing sides of politics. She tried to keep all the characters happy, not worrying about either side’s sexual or political preference.

All in all, this play deals with more liberal social issues but it is not flawed because it also shows conservative views on religion, sex, and politics. I thought this play did an excellent job at showing how social issues impact both parties equally, although both parties are not treated equal.
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