One Place I Would Like to Visit

Topics: Feeling, Love, Song Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Love May Be The Reason Humans Invented Singing.

How does music express love? Music expresses love by melody it can express positive, negative feelings. It also gives you the main message idea. Symbolism sound “the rose “it’s a song that can express your feelings. It’s symbolized by a flower. It phrases specific emotions. Lyrics without lyrics people won’t know the song. Without lyrics people won’t know what the song is trying to say. Music has been around since the 90’s century. African Americans created music. This music was only recorder by memories. Without music people won’t know all this kind of songs they listen to now. Sometimes songs can make you cry or happy, or even sometimes it makes you think about someone really special, that you really miss. When I listen to music sometimes I think about my great grandma that I really miss her and sometime it makes me cry. R&B has a lot of love songs. You can dedicate song to a special person. People that create this songs has been threw a lot and some people just has been heart broken. The singers can express their feeling threw singing too. Music can mean a lot to some people. African Americans made music with rocks, bones. This people where really poor that’s why they didn’t use the entire instrument we use now. Music can express a lot of felling. Not everyone think that music express all this kind of feeling for someone. R&B was made to share feeling with people and singers. If R&B would never excited people wouldn’t know about love or expressing you feeling for someone special. R&B was found around 1950’s. The singers sometimes get there ideas from other people life’s.
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