One of the Biggest Mysteries

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  • Published : January 16, 2013
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One of the biggest mysteries

We all dream, but do we all know why? The lyrics of a song says "For my dreams I hold my life, for wishes I behold my nights. " How much truth, but we are not dreaming so often that we don’t realize the importance of dreams, the peace and joy that we feel when we are dreaming.Try to feel dreams before they go, put them into a Pandora's case and reopen it whenever you feel the need to detach from reality. It's so good!

Consider a trivial example, in the evening after a full and tiring day when you sit in bed and close your eyes, dreaming of a day of work or school where you have fun or your bosses will be your subordinates. It’s funny, right? Maybe it will never happen, but that feeling in your dream is unique. I think that only in dreams you can achieve some special feelings.

Dreams motivate us and help us overcome obstacles. We are dreaming of a perfect life, but none of us has, but the dreams that every day we try to bring them into reality closer and closer to perfection. Loss of faith makes a crime! We are our dreams and dreams are the puzzle piece that completes our existence.

I dream of a beautiful life, not perfect. Why? Because I think dreams do not have to go to fairyland, we have to climb slowly because their shaky ladder can hit us too hard to reality, to support the thorns of reality as well. We can not overcome barriers that would interfere with disappointment. We must keep only one ounce of reality in dreams, must, however,we must be people in dreams ,not to be just characters in a fictional setting. Dreams come from reality and they fit our soul; the soul gives them power to metamorphose.

The dream… One of the big mysteries of humanity ... in fact, one of the few gifts that we humans have. Many people believe that the dream is the manifestation of our hidden desires ... the subconscious that, every day, sits handcuffed to reason and, at night, you can escape from prison, causing havoc in our...
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